Playful treasures was founded in response to our own children’s needs.

Our sons, who live with severe autism and Fragile X Syndrome, both wear our chewable jewellery.

In fact they are our unwitting test pilots.

After years of providing chews for our boys, we have learnt a few important things.

  1. Parents of children who need chews are being over charged!!
  2. Chew pendants are not made of titanium, our little (or big) munchers WILL chew through them eventually.  That is why it is so important that they are affordable so that we can replace them regularly.
  3. The shape of the chew makes a difference to how long they last.  That is why it is important to choose the best chew to suit you.
  4. The reality is that the chews with the nicest texture and quality for our kids are soft and pliable, this means that bits can be chewed off.  We have decided that for our children and thus our products we would rather have a product made of the highest grade silicone to provide the best experience for our children.

To help you do that we want to share some of our personal experiences with specific products.



Shark Pendent – Our shark is gorgeous, I love it!  It is great for boys or girls and a bit  unusual.  The tail on the shark is a great spot to really get your teeth around even if you have a small mouth.  For this reason our boys seem to give it lots of attention.  You can see the love that this shark tail has received!!!  But, you can can also see in the photograph even if the tail is damaged the main portion of the pendant remains intact and it can still be used.


Shark Chewy Pendant
Shark Chewy Pendant



Dolphine Pendant –

The dolphin is gorgeous and our kids have loved them……to death!  The dolphins are a wonderful image of mother and child, this one touches my heart.  The head provides a nice hard thick region to really chew down on and the thinner tail area allows the kids to work their tongue and hold the pendant in their mouth without using their hands.   As you can see this dolphin saw a lot of love though.


Dolphin Chewy Pendant
Dolphin Chewy Pendant







Feet –

My youngest son loves the feet, I don’t know if it is the nodules on the bottom of them or that there are two feet to play with or it could be because they are thinner than some of the other pendants.  What ever the reason he has managed to chew off the big toes!!

IMG_1478Feet Chewy Pendant