Revamp of the product range!

Revamp of the product range!

While it might have seemed quiet on the PT front of late, we have been quietly beavering away in the background.

We realised we started this business because of our own experience with sensory chews (it was hard to find quaity, variety and at an affordable price). We went off on all sorts of other tangents for a while because we were entranced by all the bright, colourful beads. But we’ve found our mojo again!

The product range has been completely revamped with a focus on what is functional and theraputic. Observing our kids, talking to therapists and our own research has shown us that shape, size, texture and softness are what make a good chew. And everyone likes something different.

Drop into the website if you want to see some of the new stuff and stay tuned for our facebook posts as we share with you ‘What Chew Suits You!’

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