Gemmas Necklace

Gemmas Necklace

Gemmas Necklace

A few weeks ago Shelley noticed a little girl in her sons special needs class was a chewer. She could chew through a school uniform in no time flat!

Noticing that she wasn’t wearing any chewy jewellery, Shelley bought one of our necklaces in the next day and gave it to the teacher for little Gemma*. The following week Shelley recieved an unexpected card in her sons school bag, it was from Gemmas mum.

“Thank you for giving Gemma the chew necklace. We all can’t believe she uses it. Even her therapists at CPL are amazed! I have only got her single ones so having all the extras on it must be the trick. Many Thanks”

It turns out they had tried sensory jewelery for Gemma before but only the big chunky circles and angel tears. We are so thrilled one of our designs made such a difference to a little girl and her mum.

*In respect for the families privacy we have changed the name in this story.

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