Connor Toilet Training

Connor turns 8 in June and we were getting nowhere with toilet training.  I kept talking to his teachers and pediatrician and seeing what they thought and no one could find a solution.  I’d tried all the programs, we were all doing everything we could.

Because he’s getting so big now, he has to wear expensive pull ups.  He gets into the cupboard and changes his own wee nappies and goes through piles of them (and that doesn’t include the 3 poos per day).  It was costing a fortune (and we are struggling to pay our bills as it is) and over the school holidays I lost my mind.  I bought him undies, put him in them and told him he had to use the toilet.

Well it’s been about 4 weeks since I started this process.  We’ve had plenty of wee and poo in pants and on the floor, but he’s getting it.  Wearing nappies meant, even though he knew how it all worked, he never bothered….I mean why would you?

Now he wears undies to school and at home.  He takes himself off to the toilet and calls me to wipe his bottom.  This morning he woke me up to come down and stand in the toilet with him while he pooed.

I am so proud of this gorgeous little man!!!!

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