Gemmas Necklace

A few weeks ago Shelley noticed a little girl in her sons special needs class was a chewer. She could chew through a school uniform in no time flat! Noticing that she wasn’t wearing any chewy jewellery, Shelley bought one of our necklaces in the next day and gave it to the teacher for little […]

Little Tots New Name!

We love, love, love our beautiful traditional toy store Little Tots Treasures at Lawnton, so we need to tell you the big news. They have changed their name to Twigs Toy Boutique! You will still find them at the same location at Lawnton (700 Gympie Rd, Lawnton), and they still supply good old-fashioned products at a good […]

Connor Toilet Training

Connor turns 8 in June and we were getting nowhere with toilet training.  I kept talking to his teachers and pediatrician and seeing what they thought and no one could find a solution.  I’d tried all the programs, we were all doing everything we could. Because he’s getting so big now, he has to wear […]


I am the most inconsistent blogger on the planet.  I think about it most days, but then I put all this pressure on myself.  The post needs to be perfect and have pictures and be on topic blah, blah, blah. Back when I started this blog I was stressed out of my brain, exhausted, I […]

Week 1

Week 1 has been tough, but I think I’m making progress. I had juice only for 6 days, as well as some oils to help with the detox.  I thought I was going to die in the first 5 days, but the constant pain in all my muscles and joints is now gone and my […]

The Begining

Yesterday was day one of a juice detox. I know it sounds radical, but after further reading, I realised I am already exhibiting signs of FXTAS (reference NFXF): Cognitive/intellectual decline, including short-term memory loss, loss of math or spelling skills, difficulty making decisions, and other intellectual functions. Numbness or burning of the hands and feet […]

Fatal X Factor

A few years ago a husband and father killed himself, his pregnant wife and son, and left his other son an orphan. This story breaks my heart for so many reasons, but it hits me even harder because they were a Fragile X family. This story (and others like it) have gone unnoticed in our […]


Last month we introduced Pencil Toppers as a jewellery alternative, now we are adding Keyrings to our range!  Check out what we’ve created so far in our shop. Made from our safe food grade silicone, the Keyrings come in a range of different designs.  They can go on pencil cases, belt loops, prams, or anywhere else […]

Fragile X Awareness month – Day 30

If we are to believe the news then things are pretty dire and you should lock your doors and not go out. I can tell you our experience this past month has been there are a lot more wonderful people out there, than the minority who get all the screen time. Every chemist, daycare, therapist, […]