Back To School!

Girls JewelleryIt’s already the last week of holidays and we are all getting ready to send the kids back to school for 2017.  Playful Treasures has a few ideas to add to your shopping list, that might help the kids in the coming year.

For the kids who need something to chew or play with, there are a range of Chewy Pendants.

But when you need something a bit less obvious we have all our Pencil Toppers and Keyrings, made from the same food grade silicon as all our products.
If your child’s school does not allow any kind of jewellery these accessories can be just the thing.  The pencil toppers fit on both the standard and chunky pencils.  Whilst the keyrings can be put onto a pencil case or a belt loop to make them easy to play with at anytime.

As with all of our creations, we are always happy to make custom pieces.  Have a look at our range of beads and if there is a different combination that appeals to you, we will be happy to make it up for you.

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